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The rhinestone business can be very profitable provided there are certain factors put into place before one embarks in the area of hot fix rhinestone transfers and finished product using rhinestone designs.
The number one rule is the ability to create rhinestone designs in a short period of time and be able to quote your customers accurately with a realistic print out of the design so that you can get their approval and start producing.

Given the fact that we typically trade in our competitor’s software regularly for our RhinestoneWORX™  software we know the exact weaknesses and have been able to keep a constant pulse and stay ahead of everyone else. Add this to the fact that we were literally the first commercial artistic based software on the market and you have the design advantage from day one. If you don’t get our machine and already have a form of rhinestone machine such as vinyl cutter, laser, engraver or a competitive machine, RhinestoneWORX™ can run all of these machines.

The number two factor in being a successful Rhinestone Business is to have automated rhinestone equipment. Any other method is quite frankly not profitable outside of the Far East.  There is no human system can duplicate the placement of these tiny 2mm and small diameter stones as effectively, as accurately, as close together in as many colors in such a short period of time and as cheaply, period.
For this reason we offer the NGR 6 or Next Generation Rhinestone Robot. With the NGR 6 you can apply 100-160 elements per minute, from tiny 2mm SS6 stones all the way up to 7mm SSx stones. The work area is a generous 450mm by 320mm wide and allows for quality work that does not need constant supervision.

The NGR series of machines offer excellent quality and engineering, fast output of quality transfers and a worry free 2 year unlimited use warranty. Not to mention and outstanding startup package with direct access to stone importers so you don’t have to make the middlemen rich and instead you can provide a higher quality product to your end user for a more competitive price and greater profit.